Cleaning Tablets

An easy way to clean your mouth guard on a daily basis is to soak it in a glass of water each morning with a special cleaning tablet. This allows for hygienic storage for the day.


Keeping your mouth guard out of harms way during the day is also very important in protecting your investment and ultimately your teeth.

Cleaning Machines

There are a variety of different cleaning machines available that will keep your mouth guard in tip top shape, making it last longer and significantly improving the hygiene around wearing a mouth guard nightly.

Lastest Accessory Reviews

iSonic F3900 Ultrasonic Cleaner for Mouth Guards Review

The iSonic F3900 Ultrasonic Cleaner is perfect for Mouth Guards, it uses sound waves to penetrate into crevices and cavities to remove particulates. The tank is made of stainless steel and a perforated plastic tray rests in the tank to hold the object being cleaned....

CleanGuard Nightguard Cleaner Review

CleanGuard offers a convenientĀ solution for hygiene around your mouth guard routines. Comes in a 100 count box and its recommended that you use 2 at a time for maximum potency, however many reviewers commented that they are using one every day or 2 every couple of...

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