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          • Soft and comfortable.
          • Very thick for severe grinding and clenching.
          • May help stop snoring.


          • Might be too large or thick for some.
          • Smells and tastes like plastic.

          Give Your Teeth, Gums, and Jaw a break When You Try Grind Free’s Mouthguard. Feel immediate tooth and gum comfort, without the cost of a pricey dentist appointment.

          Grind Free offers A 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. If You Are not Completely Satisfied Simply Return Your Product Within the First 30 Days for A Full Refund, No Questions Asked.



          The guard should be custom molded at home and can be trimmed with scissors to fit your mouth comfortably.

          The Grind Free guard is designed to fit both the upper and lower teeth simultaneously, this helps keep the guard in place during the night and might help reduce snoring.

          This mouth guard gets the job done. The fact is you are looking for functionality and this product has it. There isn’t a lot to complain about with this item. Simply because I can’t something against a item that does what it was made to do. It did its job and completed it well. I am very happy so far with.


          Some reviewers love it and buy it over and over again to protect their teeth and some throw it in the trash after once use.

          Way too big for my mouth… even after heating with hot water and trying to mold it as instructed. No way I could ever wear this to sleep. Felt like it would gag me. It’s promoted as a “teeth grinding mouth guard” but all the information that comes with it is about snoring. I didn’t realize it was so thick and bulky. Hated it but didn’t bother to send it back. Threw it in the trash. Lesson learned.



          FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS. Or you will be dissatisfied.

          Some reviewers have noted that they may come without instructions and also apparently their website is not working, you can find an informational video on youtube or follow the instructions above.



          Does this fit inside small mouths?

          No, I found this to be “hard” on my mouth, too big and bulky.

          Is this BPA free?

          The packaging says it is an FDA approved material but there is no mention of BPA.

          All in all this is a very normal mouth guard, and will last a little while with medium clenching and grinding if you need a cost effective solution.

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