It is important to give your mouth guard a good cleaning each morning when you are done wearing it.

Some of the easiest ways I have found are to to use your toothbrush and toothpaste when you are done brushing your teeth and give the mouth guard a good scrub and then rinse it off and put it back in its case.


Another popular way to clean your mouthguard is to just use soap and water.


It very important to clean your mouth guard on a daily basis because it grows all sorts of bacteria when its sitting around during the day and then you put it right back into your mouth again at night!




My Basic cleaning routine is:

Take the mouth guard in the morning and place it in a glass next to my bed, when I go to the bathroom I rinse the guard with warm water and then fill the glass so it covers the mouth guard.

Then I pop in a mouth guard cleaning tablet and let it fizz while I am brushing my teeth and finishing up my bathroom routine.

When the tablet is done cleaning and no longer fizzing I take the mouth guard out of the glass and brush it a little with warm water and my toothbrush, the I dry it using a clean towel or something handy and stick it back in its case.

Note: You do not need to use toothpaste on your mouth guard, it tends to be a bit abrasive and can actually decrease the lifespan of your mouth guard if used on a daily basis.

There are other ways of cleaning a mouth guard like using mouthwash or Denture Tablets but they are not recommended because  they tend to be hard on the plastics that the mouth guard is made of and will result in a shorter overall lifespan.



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