These no boil, truly easy to fit and use disposable Mouth Guards are the ultimate in portability, comfort, and a slim form factor. No messy molding process, just adjust to your mouth size and pop right in! The reasonable cost offset by the amount of time and use you can expect from them.


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  • Plackers Grind No More

  • 990 Review(s)

  • Plackers Grind No More is a great product for its specific use, don’t expect this to be your mouth guard forever but if you are traveling or in between mouth guards they are perfect. Perfect for taking on vacation or in an overnight bag. They are definitely a comfortable, cost effective short term solution that provide protection for your teeth in a convenient and hygienic way.
  • $15.00

  • DenTek Ready Fit

  • 1 Review(s)

  • The DenTek Ready-Fit Disposable Mouth Guard is a brand new option that comes in a pack of 16 for $19.99, rivaling Plackers for the hygienic, comfortable and convenient disposable mouth guard. Use when traveling or in a pinch. They are very slim and comfortable, you might not even realize you are wearing it.
  • $19.99

  • DenTek Comfort Fit

  • 721 Review(s)

  • The DenTek Comfort fit is a no boil, ready-to-use dental guard that should last 6 months or longer. Designed as a comfortable alternative to other more bulky mouth guards, Reviewers love the way this guard can adjust to fit just right and say it feels thin and comfortable. 2 per package Lasts 3-6 months per guard.
  • $27.05


SleepRight Disposable Mouth Guards


SleepRight has a line of No Boil mouth guards for all situations and mouth sizes, lasting much longer than traditional disposable mouth guards but still offering the slim form factor and comfortable fit that Reviewers have come to love. If comfort and ease make the to of your list but you want a semi-permanent solution, check out what SleepRight has to offer! Click Here for a full review of the differences between the SleepRight Disposable Mouth Guards.

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  • Dura-Comfort

  • 295 Review(s)

  • The most durable and bulky of the SleepRight Disposable Dental Guards. Offers protection from the most severe night time grinding and clenching. Most severe grinders replace approximately every 7-8 months, can last up to a year each. Will adjust to fit all mouth sizes.
  • $27.99

  • Slim-Comfort

  • 133 Review(s)

  • Identical to the Secure-Comfort, except without the STABILITY WINGS for a slimmer, more anatomical fit. Good for side sleepers who are worried about the mouth guard scraping up the inside of the mouth or gums. Expected to last 4-6 months of clenching and light grinding. Will adjust to fit all mouth sizes.
  • $26.99

  • Secure-Comfort

  • 126 Review(s)

  • Similar to the Dura Comfort but designed for slightly less severe grinding and clenching. For those who would want a “less bulky” alternative but are still worried about the mouth guard falling out during the night. Expected to last 4-6 months of clenching and light grinding. Will adjust to fit all mouth sizes.
  • $25.99

  • Select

  • 59 Review(s)

  • The most economical of the SleepRight Models. Features a thin and comfortable design that provides less protection than a bulkier mouth guard but it is also less intrusive. Expected to last 3-4 months of clenching and light grinding. Best for smaller mouth sizes.
  • $17.13

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