Armor Guard











  • Easy fitting kit professional product
  • Great customer support with a phone consultation if needed
  • Final product and all shipping to you is included in the price
  • Made in the USA


  • Might have to do multiple impressions before you get the best fit
  • May be a bit thick for some
The Armor Guard Custom Professional Dental Guard is a semi flexible custom designed guard from a professional dental lab. It comes in an easy do it yourself home impression kit to assist in the first process in manufacturing your upper or lower custom professional dental night guard with case. Or if you have a previous mold from your dentist you can send your mold to make your custom dental night guard.


You get a choice 2 different materials, the first is a semi flexible softer EVA material that is recommended for light to heavy grinding and clenching with no TMJ symptoms. It is also for those who prefer a little softer cushion feel when they grind and or clench. The second is a semi flexible harder material, It is designed for light to heavy grinders and or clinchers. It may also help relieve some or all of your multi symptoms like headaches, soreness in the jaw muscles, ear, neck and jaw issues. It is an extremely durable, dense harder semi flexible EVA material with a no give or cushion harder feel.


Both materials come in a standard clear color and a standard 3mm thickness for comfort and durability. They also offer a 2mm and 2.5mm thickness for users that prefer or need a thinner dental day guard.



This is not a generic over the counter boil & bite, it is a high quality custom professional dental day and night guard. The same product at the dentist will cost you an average of $500+ each. BPA Latex and toxic FREE, allergen and child friendly.

Made in the USA and approved by the American Dental Association. With proper care, will provide you years of use.

This purchase is for an impression kit to assist in manufacturing the night guard, is there another cost for the finished product?
  • The price includes the impression kit and the final finished product including case with free shipping on all shipments to you.
Is this guard BPA free?
  • Yes, it is made from Pro-form materials which is a high grade professional dental product in the USA.
How long do these last? Do you have to replace once a year, or do they last for along time?
  • There are a number of factors that will determine how long your night guard will last you. The semi-hard material is designed for normal to heavy grinders and clinchers and can last a few years as long as they are properly used and taken care of. Some users can experience 5 years or more with proper care and use.

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