BioGrind (TM)











  • Fits on both top and bottom teeth simultaneously.
  • Great for grinders who also snore.
  • Will stay in your mouth the entirety of the night.


  • Can be a little bulky for smaller mouths.
  • Molding process can be tricky.
  • Might have a hard time breathing through the hole in the front.
  • Some reviewers mentioned drooling while wearing this particular guard at night.

BioGrind (TM) is a simple yet effective device designed to help prevent your teeth from grinding and clenching when you’re asleep. When you grind and clench, you put tremendous stress on your teeth and jaw. This builds up stress causing morning headaches and jaw soreness. BioGrind (TM) helps by creating a soft layer that cushions between the upper and lower jaw.

Dentists offer similar mouthpieces at $600+ that does the same trick, this mouthpiece is custom molded at home to ensure a comfortable and lasting fit. A travel case and simple step-by-step instructions are included.


The BioGrind (TM) Mouth Guard is an Interesting and different design that contains both top and bottom moulded guards within 1 piece. This allows you to line up your top and bottom teeth which is many who snore need to open the air passage. There is an opening in the front between the lips that allows you to breathe naturally and more relaxed.

Also effective as an anti snoring device as it adjusts the lower jaw slightly forward keeping the soft tissues from collapsing, preventing snoring.

If you have a problem with mouth guards falling out during the night you might want to try this one, it is deigned to hold your top and bottom jaws in place and so is hard to spit out during the night.

This was the answer for me! I had tried many single, top only guards and they would not stay in, even on a perfect form. I just don’t hold them in my mouth. This item not only stays in, it has stopped my snoring and sleep apnea! My wife no longer checks to see if I’m breathing at night.



Here are the instructions to custom mold the BioGrind (TM):


1. Insert the provided wooden tongue depressor into the breathing hole of mouthguard.

2. Bring pot of water to a boil. Once at a boil, turn it off and wait 20 seconds.

3. Submerge the entire mouthguard while holding the stick into the pot of water and wait EXACTLY 18 seconds before removing.

4. Shake off excess water, insert the guard in your mouth while holding the stick, and bite down in a normal way for 1 minute.

5. Do not do it too hard and bite through.

6. You can also push around your lips a bit with the guard in your mouth so it molds a little better.

7. Remove from mouth and submerge the whole mouthpiece again while holding stick in a separate bowl/cup of cold water for 2 minutes. After that, you are done!

Brush your teeth before fitting. Unless tasting the rot of embedded food night after night is something you strive for, you’ll want the impression of your teeth to be as clean as possible.

When fitting, use a normal bite. This guard will hold your jaw in this position all night long, and you’ll reduce the chance of having sore jaws in the morning by making sure to keep your teeth in as natural a position as possible.

It’s obviously VERY important to follow the instructions and fit it correctly. That’s why you pay the big bucks to the dentist for a similar contraption.

Can it be used for TMJ?

Yes. That’s what I bought it for. It’s fairly cheap, and may work for you. Give it a try before you go to the dentist and spend $300 for a specially fitted device.

What about durability?

It has been very durable for me. I chose this one because it was more substantial than others. I don’t have a time frame, but the one piece covers both upper and lower and holds up quite well.

Most reviewers have had to replace the device after aprox. 6-8 months

Does this work for kids?

It depends. It is pretty large as far as mouth guards are concerned. I am an adult and had a little trouble getting used to it. It works amazing and takes about a week to get used to it. It might be a bit large for a 10 year old though. I typically can’t close my mouth around it due to how large it is.

Is the air hole adequate for semi normal breathing at night?

Yes it is.

Can this be molded to my bottom teeth or is it for top teeth only?

Both top and bottom are molded. It’s one piece with a slit for breathing between the top and bottom teeth. Although some reviewers cut it in half to only use the top part and it works better and isn’t as crowded in the mouth.

Is the Grind Guard by BioGrind (TM) is BPA / chemical free?

There is nothing on the box or in the ‘instructions’ that indicates whether the guard if BPA free or not.


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