Ease of use




Cleaning power





  • Convenient packaging
  • Easy to use cleaning
  • Priced low enough for daily use
  • Fresh minty taste
  • Dissolves quickly


  • Some reviewers do not care for the taste
  • Storage tubes can be hard to open
  • Does not remove existing stains from mouth guard

CleanGuard nightguard cleaner offers a convenient solution for hygiene around your mouth guard routines.

Comes in a 100 count box and its recommended that you use 2 at a time for maximum potency, however many reviewers commented that they are using one every day or 2 every couple of days as an addition to the habit of using a toothbrush to clean. Using this method led to reports of a fresh, clean feeling and taste and even discolored mouth guards reverting to their previously clear state.

They seem to have his the sweet spot, gentle and safe enough to store your night guard all-day but strong enough to get the job done in just a few short minutes before bed just incase you forget in the morning.

Safe to use with all dental products, designed with night guards in mind, but it is safe to use on retainers, clear braces and more.

“The packaging is awesome! This is my favorite thing about this product. 20 tablets come in a plastic tube. I travel a lot, & I’ll be able to pop the tube in my bag and go. So easy!”
Simply open a CleanGuard nightguard cleaner package, drop the two tabs into a cup of water, and then add your night guard.
These little tablets provide a tough bacteria-busting solution in a gentle non-abrasive formula, perfect for your nightly appliance.
“I purchased these cleaning tablets because I felt like brushing alone wasn’t getting my nightguard as clean as possible. I use one tablet every morning. Since I’m too lazy to let the water run forever to get hot, I usually put the tablet in cold tap water. I have had absolutely no trouble with the tablet dissolving. I have not noticed that my nightguard looks clearer, but I have noticed that it tastes fresher when it goes into my mouth at bedtime. For this reason alone, I’m going to stick to using these tablets. They are easy to use and work well.”
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