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  • Custom fit by a professional dental laboratory
  • Multiple thickness options for comfort and durability
  • Easy take-at-home impression kit
  • enCore Lab will make adjustments until you are happy


  • Sacrifice some durability for comfort with lower thickness
This is a Custom-fit dual layer night guard from enCore Labs you can choose from 2 thicknesses depending on your preferred durability/comfort. All guards feature a hard exterior for durability and a soft inner layer for comfort. These are Identical to the night guard you would get from your dentist but at a fraction of the cost, they are designed and fabricated by experienced dental lab technicians for a precise fit. You are sent a kit in to take your own dental impression, it’s easy to do and takes just a couple of minutes. enCore covers the shipping and will make adjustments until you are happy with the fit. enCore is a professional dental laboratory with over 20 years of experience.


For people experiencing head and jaw aches due to bruxism, you can click here to find a single-layer custom night guard by enCore Labs that will reduce soreness and protect your teeth. With a minimal profile and durable soft shell, this night guard protects against wear and tear while being discreet and comfortable enough to wear during the day.


After ordering an enCore Lab Custom Dual-Layer Night Guard you will receive:

  1.  Easy take-at-home impression kit sealed in tamper evident secure packaging. (Do not use if there are indications that your sealed kit and contents have been previously opened. Contact us immediately for a replacement)
  2. Prepaid envelope to return your impression

Once they receive your impression, their team of expert dental technicians will fabricate your custom night guard.

You’ll receive within 1-2 weeks:

  1. Your custom night guard
  2. Ventilated case
  3. A complementary sample of cleaning tabs to help keep your night guard refreshed.

enCore’s night guards are also adjustable for greater adaptability and fit. Just soak your night guard in warm water for 30 seconds to soften the guard. Insert the guard into your mouth, let it cool and it will form to your teeth.

Q: How can I decide between 1 mm 2 mm or 3 mm do they all work just as well ?

A: The guards range from 2-3mm – single layer guards are 2mm and dual layer guard is 3mm. It depends on personal preference as well as how aggressive a grinder you are. For moderate grinders, both the dual layer and the single layer hard guards will work just fine.

Q: What is the guard made of?
A: FDA Approved Thermoplastic Materials from the US; BPA and Latex Free


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