Do you have TMJ? If so, you probably ask yourself, is TMJ curable? Many TMJ sufferers have used Sandra Carter’s book “TMJ No More.”

Temporomandibular Joint and Muscle Disorders, also known as TMJ, isn’t one specific issue but a collection of disorders.

It causes the jaw joint, as well as the muscles that control its movement, pain, and dysfunction. It’s estimated to affect more than 10 million Americans, and it appears to affect women more than men.

If you’re suffering from TMJ, you might need to use mouth guards for teeth grinding. But if you’re asking “Is TMJ Curable?” The short – but fortunate – answer is that it’s treatable.

What is “TMJ No More”?

This book by Sandra Carter has a TMJ plan that makes use of unique and easy-to-learn exercises, strategies, and holistic methods. It all aims to treat the symptoms of TMJ as well as the other associated disorders that come with it. It gives you comprehensive information about the definition of TMJ, its causes, and ways to break free from it.

The book has 192 pages packed with information meant to educate you in 4 chapters. It even has a selection of links and sources you can research on at the end. For you to better understand how the exercises work, it has pictures that help demonstrate the exercises as well as the recipes that include the procedures and ingredients involved.

What are the Pros and Cons of the Book?

The book has a lot of great things going on about it. It offers a lot of TMJ cure tips that can help you get well. However, it has some minor issues that you need to consider before you buy the book.

The ProsThe Cons
Here are some of the main reasons why you need to buy the “TMJ No More” book:

It has Scientific Proof
A lot of evidence point to the fact that exercises, as well as lifestyle and dietary changes, can improve a person’s dysfunction. In actuality, most dentists will not give surgery as their first recommendation right away. Based on most people’s experiences, a lot will give a one month trial to use the holistic methods described in the book.

If your condition doesn’t improve, that’s the appropriate time for them to recommend a splint or a full-on surgery. If you aren’t fond of surgeries and want to know how to cure TMJ without the need for invasive methods, you can use this book.

It’s Easy to Understand and Follow
TMJ is a medical condition, which means that there is a lot of medical jargon that comes with it. However, this eBook is easy to understand because it’s written in layman terms. As a matter of fact, the guide is well-written and has the proper structure necessary for you to follow it without problems.

All medical terms you encounter in this book have its own explanations. It has a logical order of explanation, making it easier for you to understand unclear terms as soon as they pop up.

It has a Lot of Educational Value
The eBook helps its readers to better diagnose their very own TMJ condition. The reason why it’s hard to diagnose is the complexity of the disease. With the book, you will have more information about each and every condition associated with the disorder.

Each of these conditions comes with their own discussions inside the guide. Aside from this, the book discusses the possible treatments associated with each condition.

It has Detailed Pictures
Unlike a lot of eBooks out here, “TMJ No More” has a lot of high-quality colored pictures. It demonstrates all the exercises detailed by the author. It helps you get a visual aid that can make its execution easier to understand.

It Gives Lifetime of Updates
There are a lot of TMJ books out there that contain obsolete information. That isn’t the case with this eBook. Purchasing the book means you get a constant stream of updates which can last throughout your lifespan.

With your TMJ cured, you can rest easy knowing that your children can have a guide on the necessary treatments they can do if they encounter it too. The updates can make the holistic treatments for TMJ more efficient in the future.

It Gives Three Months of E-mail Support
Not a lot of authors give free e-mail support after you buy their eBook. With the book support offered after the purchase, you can get answers to all the questions you might have. They reply within a day, which means you don’t need to wait that long.

As with anything, it has some aspects that need working on. Here are some of the cons of the book:

It’s Not for Everyone
Keep in mind there are a lot of causes of TMJ. The methods you can find in this book will only work if your TMJ comes from muscle tension, stress, arthritis, and an unhealthy diet.

If you want to learn how to cure TMJ permanently, you’ll have to check the range and severity of your condition. With this, people who suffer from broken bones and other anomalies can’t get as much benefit from following this program.

It’s Only Available Online
The eBook’s format is in PDF, nothing more. What this means for you is that there aren’t any bookstores out there that sell this book. It’s only available to purchase on their website, which means that the only way for you to have a hard copy is to print it out after buying.

Is TMJ Curable? Learn More Today!

TMJ can become a debilitating condition if you don’t correct it as much as possible. But is TMJ curable? With the right help, it is!

If you suffer from it, “TMJ No More” can help you with its various exercises and diets. Nothing can compare to the comprehensive guide given by this eBook.

The book discusses everything: from diagnosing the TMJ condition up to their corresponding treatment procedures. This helps you get rid of all the symptoms you suffer from and cure you of the disorder.

A lot of people testify to the book’s helpfulness, with a lot of people singing praises to it every day. However, always remember that it’s not for everyone. Regardless, it’s worth a read at the very least.

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