iSonic F3900


Ease of use


Cleaning Power



  • The best clean for your mouth guard!
  • Very easy, set and forget 5 minute timer.


  • Some reviewers think its a little loud.
  • Will not get rid of existing stains or build up.

The iSonic F3900 Ultrasonic Cleaner is perfect for Mouth Guards, it uses sound waves to penetrate into crevices and cavities to remove particulates.

The tank is made of stainless steel and a perforated plastic tray rests in the tank to hold the object being cleaned. The power button initiates a five-minute cleaning.

This small tabletop unit cleans with a soft buzzing noise, no louder than a Sonicate toothbrush.

One thing that reviewers complain about is that the stainless steel tub is not removable, you must tip the unit to empty the water after each cleaning.

iSonic 5

Restores your mouth guard to a fresh clean state!

I spent hours doing research on Amazon before purchasing my first ultrasonic cleaner for the mouth guard I’ve worn for years. I have TMJ, and mouth guards made by good dentists for this condition are EXPENSIVE. I’ve always wondered why mine comes home from the dentist looking so much better than when I clean it at home. Now I have my own “at the dentist” cleaner. It makes very little noise; you can hardly hear it. After five minutes, it turns itself off. While you can add dental cleaning products to the water, you don’t need to. Because I’ve had this mouth guard for nearly a decade, even the iSonic F3900 won’t remove some of the silver-colored stains from the teeth with cavities that grind against it at night, but that does not surprise me.

A dental hygienist told me that putting my TMJ mouth guard in water with a drop of Dawn dishwashing cleaner would help remove the surfactants regular cleaning doesn’t, and she was right. That what I have been using, but this works even better. DO NOT use regular toothpaste on your plastic dental devices – they are abrasive and will cause more problems down the road. I have a large mouth, and I sincerely doubt that anyone’s TMJ mouth guard wouldn’t fit into this device.




  • Compact ultrasonic cleaner uses sound waves to penetrate into crevices and cavities to remove particulates from dentures, retainers, and mouth guards
  • Combined with iSonic White Denture Cleaning Powder
  • Power button initiates a five-minute cleaning
  • Compact size for tabletop use
  • Operates on 100-120V



Works great for Dentures, Retainers, Mouth Guards and Invisalign.

Combined with iSonic White Denture Cleaning Powder, it offers the ultimate denture cleaning system.

This thing is great, I never knew how much crap was left on my dentures until I started using this product. I used to only brush them and then soak them in Efferdent, but since using this there is no going back. After I brush the larger debris off, I put an Efferdent tablet into the ultrasonic cleaner (which the instructions say is fine, I noticed some people asking about that), then just turn it on and it will run for five minutes then automatically shut off. One tip I do have is after the cleaning cycle has finished, rinse it out and leave the basin out of the machine until it is dry. The first couple times I used it I put it back together right away and closed the lid, and then started noticing some small rust spots. Once I started leaving it disassembled to dry the problem went away.

Q: With this ultrasonic cleaner do you need to also include some type of denture cleaner in the water?

A: you don’t need cleaner but it helps quite a bit. Like a washing machine – you can throw your clothes in there without soap and knock a lot of dirt off, but the clothes (like the dentures or retainers) get a lot cleaner if you use a cleaning agent.

Q: How hot does the water get? I have a moldable mouth guard, and I don’t want it to melt and get ruined.
A: The water barely gets warm. You can stick you fingers in the water as soon as it’s finished and it’s barely warm, not even close to being hot.

Q: Is this a better choice than just soaking mouth guards in a solution? Does it do a deep clean and remove plaque?
A: I do a combination of the cleaning tabs and the iSonic cleaner. I rinse my guard in cold water, and pop it into the iSonic with a cleaning tab, letting it fizz and do its thing for 10-15 minutes, then I turn on the iSonic. My dentist told me last week that my 9- month old professional guard looks brand new.

Q: Can this be used for jewelry too?
A: Yes

If you want the most hygienic way to take care of your mouth guard on a daily basis, give the iSonic F3900 Ultrasonic Cleaner a try.

Find the iSonic F3900 Ultrasonic Cleaner on Amazon Prime!

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