Durability - 3-12 Months per guard



  • Replacement Policy takes the fear out of self molding
  • Very comfortable and versatile
  • 3 Guards per package
  • Multiple size options
  • Snug Fit


  • Might be too thick for some
  • Trimming may leave sharp edges
This ProDental mouth guard is a boil and bite (Self Moldable) Guard, the fact that they come come 3 in a pack and the awesome ProDental customer service is so good makes this a great deal for those looking for a quality replaceable, do it yourself bite guard.


When you purchase the ProDental Mouth Guard set you will receive 3 high quality mouth guards made of a soft polyvinyl material that can be worn on the upper or lower teeth.


The guards can be trimmed with sharp scissors and customized to fit for any size mouth for optimal comfort and retention.


Each ProDental mouth guard can last 3-12 months when used daily for bruxism or clenching, depending on the severity of your bruxism.


One of the best things about buying this particular Guard in my opinion is that ProDental goes out of their way to alleviate the concern of messing up the boil and bite self moulding process. Many reviewers give 5 stars to the customer service they receive when contacting the company for a replacement guard, or helping when they cannot get the right fit the first time.


Mouth guards are made in the USA from high quality long-lasting, hygienic, soft, FDA-approved odor free and taste free polyvinyl material.



Q: Can I reheat a mouth guard it if was under heated the first time it was molded?
 A: Yes, a mouth guard can be reheated several times.


Q: If I mess up all three mouth guards can I get more?
A: Yes, ProDental offers free replacements if you mismold


Q: How thick is this Mouth Guard?
A: Comes as a thick 3mm durable base, when you mould it, it becomes slightly thinner but in terms of thickness, this is definitely thicker than the custom ones you’d get at the dentist.


I was told I needed a night guard but they’re outrageously priced through my dentist (including insurance). I was really desperate and knew I could probably find something on Amazon. I read through the directions several times. Although I was a little nervous to mold it, the directions were very clear so I trusted the process and I got a perfect fit. I don’t wake up with sore teeth or jaw bones any longer. This truly is a great product! I have gotten such great night sleeps since I’ve used my guard. Happy Customer!


Use just-boiled water and a NON-PLASTIC spoon, and don’t let the guard sit in the water too long. The “walls” will start to curl towards each other when it’s ready.


The fact that you can re-dip it into water to further get a better fit is nice — no wasting a mouth guard on a “bad” attempt.



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