SleepRight has a series of Disposable, No Boil Dental Guards designed to protect your teeth from nighttime clenching and grinding.



These BPA and Latex free dental guards are designed to take up very little room in your mouth and protect your teeth from grinding while you sleep. There are several different sizes of SleepRight guards. The sizes are as follows: Dura-Comfort, Secure-Comfort, Slim-Comfort and Select. They are made of soft plastic and you can wash them in soap and water if you wish. They will NOT last forever, you will need to replace them after a certain period of time depending on which one you choose and how severely you grind. They come with a carrying case. No boiling is required to make them fit. They are somewhat adjustable, featuring 4 settings so you can find the most comfortable position for your situation. Reviewers like them for their slim form factor and comfortable design.


They go from the Dura-Comfort on one end which is designed for severe night grinders with more durable pads and side wings for stability to the Select, which utilizes much less material for a more comfortable fit but will not last as long under consistent nighttime pressure and tend to fall out of the mouth due to lack of stability guards.


The Dura-Comfort tends to hold up for about a year, down to about 4 months for the Select with moderate sustained nighttime grinding.


An issue reviewers seemed to have with these guards is that it can be difficult to clean. The area connecting the bite plate has lots of small areas that bacteria can get in and these places are hard to reach in order to clean it thoroughly. I would recommend using a cleaning tablet daily with any of these models for optimum hygiene and mouth guard lifespan.


The best part of getting these guards is the warranty. SAVE THE PACKAGING! If you chew through it before a year is up (Mine last me usually 3 or 4 months) you can send them the destroyed guard and your receipt (easily accessible if you bought it on Amazon, just print a copy of your order invoice) and send it in. They will send you a brand new one in about two weeks. I love the customer service.

All in all they seem to have an option for everyone depending on your circumstance and the overall severity of your nighttime bruxism and clenching. 



  • Quite reasonable price point for the time they last.
  • More comfortable and adjustable than most guards.
  • Easier to talk in than most bite guard.
  • No need to boil, no risk of fitting wrong.
  • Minimalist design, but very effective.
  • Might cut or rub inside of mouth and pinch inner cheeks.
  • Seems less durable due to the minimalistic design.
  • Might not last as long as a professional mouth guard.
  • Can be difficult to clean the adjustable sides.



  • Includes one dental guard, one carrying case, and fitting instructions.
  • Backed by a 90-day warranty, 30-day money back guarantee

Here are what a few other reviewers are saying after using a SleepRight mouth guard!


Because it only has bite guards at the molars in the back of the mouth, this might cause a further misalignment of a TMD condition. If you experience pain and a clicking of the jaw within the first few weeks of wearing this type of mouth guard, I would recommend looking into a guard that moulds to your upper or lower teeth and provides support evenly and will reduce these symptoms.
This is an ‘okay’ alternative to a ‘professional’ grade tooth guard. It was bought as a substitute while I was waiting for my ‘real’ guard to be finished by the dentist. As I used it there was a tendency for it to become dislodged and half would be hanging out of my mouth in the morning.
Why spend $600 on a custom night guard when you can spend $30 or less? I figured, before I invest in a dentist’s night guard, I may as well try every one on the market. I tried the kind that you boil and mold to your teeth – it started moving my teeth the first night! Forget that. This night guard does not need to be fitted to your teeth. I find it incredibly comfortable and 100% effective. I can see why it is the number one night guard on the market.
If you enjoy the convenience and form factor of the no boil mouth guards, I would suggest selecting one for your present conditions! They are a great option and much more cost effective than a custom fitted guard.