• Extremely adjustable
  • Lightweight & comfortable
  • Can talk quite well while wearing


  • The size seems to run a little small
  • Might not be for a heavy grinder
  • Seems to easily slide around in your mouth
  • Can be difficult to clean
Protect your teeth from clenching and grinding while sleeping with the SleepRight Select Comfort Dental Guard. This night mouthguard has 6 notches that adjust forward for a smaller mouth, backward for a larger mouth. Plus, it has swivel pads that adjust to the angle of your bites. Its BPA and Latex free thermoplastic band quickly adapts to your body temperature. It’s lightweight and can fit dentures and braces. This SleepRight Select can also be used by adults with sensitive gums.
Contains 1 Dental Guard and 1 Case


Provides less protection than a bulkier mouth guard but it is also less intrusive If you are only need a little bit of protection, and comfort is a priority, this might be the mouth guard for you.

Expected to last 6 to 8 months of medium grinding.


 Made to wear on the lower teeth

An issue reviewers seemed to have with this guard is that it can be difficult to clean. The area connecting the bite plate has lots of small areas that bacteria can get in and these places are hard to reach in order to clean it thoroughly. It is recommended that you use a cleaning tablet each day.

A few reviewers mentioned that it seems to easily slide around in your mouth from grinding at night.

Might not be for a heavy grinder, some reports of chewing through these in a matter of weeks.

The size seems to run a little small so If you have a bigger mouth you might want to look elsewhere.

Great lightweight extremely adjustable comfortable disposable mouth guard.

Overall It’s a low profile guard that fits so easily in your mouth. It adjusts for mouth sizes. You can easily have this in your mouth also and talk quite well with it! Comfortable and thin.

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