The Doctor's











  • Great price when you compare it to the cost of having one custom made.
  • Comfortable soft top with a hard bottom to stand up to nightly grinding.


  • Somewhat difficult initial molding process.
  • Can be hard to get to fit perfectly.
  • Some more petite reviewers and those buying for children commented that they found this guard bulky and not really made for smaller mouths.

The Doctor’s Night Guard custom fits to the top teeth, providing a comfortable, safe and soft long lasting solution to your teeth grinding habit and a reprieve from hefty dental bills.

About 1/3 of the population are teeth grinders, half of whom become chronic enough to require treatment. Bruxism is most common at night while sleeping and when diagnosed early, the grinding can be treated before it causes permanent damage.

The constant grinding wears down the surface of your teeth, exposing the soft dentin beneath the enamel. Some damage that can occur includes chipped teeth, tooth flattening, tooth wear, cracked tooth enamel, cracked, loose or broken fillings, tooth loss and gum recession.

The Doctor's Night Guard Box

Most reviewers have found this Guard to be a great solution for medium to severe night clenching and grinding.

The warranty is also of note, most reviewers are able to get a comfortable mold within their first few tries, however if you have a hard time and are still not satisfied with the fit or comfort you can give Doctor’s a call at 1-800-592-6661 and they will send you a new one free of charge.

Other partial coverage dental protectors do not lock into place and do not support all the teeth, so they are less comfortable and offer less protection.

Other custom-fit guards are made with a softer material throughout, which can be easy to grind through within a short amount of time.

Reviewers report the Doctor’s Night Guard lasting anywhere from 6-12 months with moderate clenching and grinding.

The Doctor's Night Guard Features

The key is to follow the directions EXACTLY. It’s critical that when you insert it into your mouth to mold it that you do it right. Do not start to bite down until you have lined it up with your front teeth properly. Time it all, use a mirror like instructed, and make sure you do the suction part quickly and long enough.

It helps to use a slotted spoon to drop the mouth guard into the water and to retrieve it again once the time is up.

Reviewers have also found it useful to fine-tune it by lightly dipping different edges of it in a mug of hot water. (Put back in mouth after dipping.) Find a few spots needed to be smoothed out after the initial creation and make it a perfect fit.

You can heat with microwave or on a stove top, this video shows how to go through the molding process using a microwave.

Here are the Doctor’s night guard instructions for heating on a stove top:

1. Heat at least three inches of water in the pot until it reaches the boiling point. Keep the water boiling for another minute.

2. Place the night guard into the boiling water, and leave it in there for exactly 50 seconds. Make sure the part of the night guard with the open part (that fits over your teeth) is face down in the water. Use the spoon to lift the night guard out of the water and lay it on the plate, with the channels facing up. Set your timer for 20 seconds.

3. Put the night guard into your mouth after it has been sitting out of the water for exactly 20 seconds. Press your teeth as close to the plastic as possible to create the perfect fit. Hold the night guard in your mouth for 30 seconds. Make suction by closing your mouth and sucking air in, making the night guard fit as tightly as possible against your teeth and the roof of your mouth. Use your fingers to press the plastic on to the outside of your teeth.

4. Test the night guard by removing it, waiting until it is cool and replacing it into your mouth. If it fits perfectly and stays where it should, you have successfully fit it to your mouth. If it doesn’t feel right, it can be refitted by repeating the doctor’s night guard instructions. If the night guard seems too long and goes beyond your back molars, it can be trimmed with a sharp knife or razor blade. Once it is boiled again, it can be molded to your mouth again until the proper fit is achieved.

– Patented 2 layer design: Soft Upper Layer to cushion & absorb, Firm Lower Layer prevents grinding & bite through
– Storage case included
– BPA, latex, silicone and phthalate free


Have users found a reduction in headaches/migraines after using this product?

Most reviewers have found that it indeed does help reduce chronic neck and jaw paints well as headaches caused from muscle tension and migraines.

Do you need to heat it up in warm water before each use?

No, just the first time to form it to your teeth.

Can this be worn during the day?

It is not easy to talk with it in your mouth. I wouldn’t recommend using during the day if you need to interact with people.

How should you clean it?

Soak in water when not in use and once a week I use tables I get here on amazon clean guard tables. Use Room temp water when you clean under sink hot makes it flex and cold makes it hard

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